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What Is Ceramic Coating?

What is Ceramic Coating?

Essentially it is a liquid product, made up of ceramic nano particles suspended in a clear resin that when applied, hardens and cross links into an impermeable surface that is chemically bonded to your vehicle.

Scratch resistance:

The word resistance is the key word here. Similar to how there is a difference between a water resistant and waterproof watch, the same holds true for ceramic coatings. There is no such thing a s a scratch proof coating. Even professionally installed multi-layered 9H type of coatings can be scratched. There is an abrasion test in which pencils of different hardness (1 being the softest and 9 being the hardest) are used to grade how susceptible a surface is to scratching. They use these pencils to scratch the surface to measure how resistant it is to damage. Most automotive clear coats have a hardness of 4-6 on the scale. Ceramic coatings claim to improve hardness up to 9, or 9H. This doesn’t mean that the coating is impervious to scratches, all this means is that it is harder to scratch.

Chemical resistance:

Most ceramic coatings will not allow chemicals to penetrate through and damage your clear coat. But once again, they are not bulletproof. If you are going to allow bird droppings to sit on your car for weeks because you have a ceramic coating- you are going to be in for a surprise


This is partially true. The coating is harder and slicker than your factory paint, it will resist water and dirt better. However no ceramic coating is totally maintenance free.

Water Beading/Sheeting:

Ceramic coatings tend to be much more hydrophobic than waxes/sealants because the quality of the hydrophobic coating that is on the vehicle. Depending on how hydrophobic a vehicle is depends on the angle at which the water beads at. Untreated 0 degrees, WAX 70-90 degrees, Ceramic 110 degrees

Gloss and Shine:

Since ceramic coating is literally adding a thin layer of glass on your vehicle, it is true that the gloss from it is very high.

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