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The Total Package

There are two types of people when it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of a car – the meticulous perfectionist and the carefree slacker. You know the first one, supremely organized and stocked with the ideal products for that car interior, and an arsenal of cleaners, waxes, and plush rags to polish the outside. That’s not exactly a priority for lazier car owners, who have a much greater tolerance for empty food containers, upholstery stains, and off-putting odours.

The beautiful thing about being the latter type is that you have easy access to lifesavers. Like VP Auto Detailing. The Guelph-based automotive service not only does repairs and tires, but also specializes in pristine car transformations, inside and out. There are various packages available depending on the size of the vehicle and level of need.

Thank goodness for that given the bizarre cases VP’s co-owner Paul Le has seen. He had a buddy come in with an actual mice problem. And since then, a few more customers have had to address the exact same issue.

“That can happen if you leave food in the car,” says Le. “The mice must get in the vehicle from underneath and make their way in. I’ve seen the droppings as evidence. So that requires a pretty intense cleaning.”

Need any more incentive to not leave food in the car? Fortunately, not all detailing is so extreme.

The Process

Le and Nguyen go through a lengthy list of steps to make their customers’ cars pop.

“We start by removing all of the personal items and taking out the mats,” says Le, who co-owns the business with Van Nguyen. “We do a full vacuum that gets about 80 per cent of the debris, because you can’t get everything at the beginning. Then we do a full wipe down of the interior with a degreaser and shampoo the carpet. We see salt residue from the winter or stains from kids and coffee. For leather seats, we can’t shampoo, so we degrease them first and then apply a leather treatment.”

The next steps typically include shining the interior doors and trim with a spray, cleaning the inside of the windows and the seat headliners, a final run of vacuuming to get in those tight spaces, and a go at tidying the trunk. When those are complete, there’s a wait to put the mats back in – and for good reason.

“We store the mats in the trunk for a while because if the floor is still damp and we put them back in, there will be a musty smell,” says Le. “Ideally, after we finish a vehicle, we crank the heat on high for about 30 minutes, so it’ll dry out. If customers are in a hurry and want to get out of here quickly, we recommend they do that at home.

“If you turn your car off with all the windows up and it’s still wet, it will leave a foul smell. We’d have to redo it again and probably use an odour bomb, which is like a little grenade. You close all the windows and turn the car on with the vents going. It releases an odour remover and takes about an hour. We sometimes use those for cars that are owned by smokers.”

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