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Auto Detailing Vs Car Washing:
Whats the difference?

The Key Difference Between
Auto Detailing and
Car Washing.

There can be a lot of confusion between going to a car wash and having your vehicle detailed. The differences between the two can be explained by the by over-all goal and methodology of each practice.

Carwashing, focuses on removing dirt, debris and salt from the exterior of the vehicle, with little attention to the interior, and aims to create a superficial appearance of cleanliness.

Auto detailing is the intricate process of restoring a vehicle to showroom-like condition and to potentially exceed the appearance of the cars original finish. Auto detailing takes more care in focusing on interior and exterior of the vehicle in order to make use of a large array of specialty products that are designed to meet specific needs.

The key difference here is the attention to detail that goes into each practice. 

Why pay more for Auto Detailing?

The reason you’d have to pay more for auto detailing is because of the amount of expertise, technology and time that goes into every inch of a detailing job. A car wash can have your car cleaned in 20 minutes, while a a team of professional¬† car detailers¬† can spend hours, if not days, working on the fine intricacies and characteristics that are completely disregarded in regular car washing, many of which are responsible for bringing your car to an eye-catching level of aesthetic.

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